Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University was established in 1902. This is a composite university with three campuses for Science &Technology, Zhenjiang Medical college and Zhenjiang Teacher’s College respectively. The university is committed to inculcating talents with 4 Cs, i.e.Confidence, Communication, Co-operation and Creativity.

Location of JSU

JSU is located in Zhenjiang city which is in close proximity to the commercial capital of China, Shanghai and cultural capital of China Nanjing. The weather conditions have remained very pleasant and salubrious which attracts the foreign students.
As far as the weather and monsoon rains are concerned, Jiangsuregion enjoys a sub-tropical climate which extends to Shanghai and Nanjing Plateau also. The annual average temperature is not more than 15.4C which is tolerable to most of the foreigners. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit Jiangsu region.

Foreign  Academic Colloboration

Zhenjiang Medical College of Jiangsu University has established academic research collaboration with the university of Montreal, Canada, The Medical School of the University of Hongkong and withmany other western universities.
Zhenjiang Medical College of JSU has a very good placement record. Since the medicos undergo intensive training in the respective disciplines, employers prefer the graduates of JMC. The MBBS degree awarded by JMC is recognised by WHO and The Medical Councilof India. The whole undergraduate program of MBBS can be pursued in English medium. In order to ramp up the learning skills and their life in China, the Chinese language shall be compulsory. The knowledge on the local language can equip the medicos to interact with the patients during their hospital training.

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MBBS Course Duration And Internship

JThe duration of the academic course is 6 years, inclusive of 1-year internship. As far as the internship period is concerned, on completion of 5-years, a medico can pursue internship in JSU or the students can pursue the same in their home country after clearing the Screening Test.


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